A Jillion Kicks

A Jillion Kicks… successfully blends Heypenny’s indie-rock idiosyncrasies with universal pop appeal, adding a synth-stacked sheen and bombastic low end to those familiar singles and a host of adventurous (but to-the-point) new tunes.” –The Tennessean

Tracks: “Purple Street”, “Star For All The Kidz”, “Parade”, “You Shine”, “Water”, “Emperor’s New Clothes”, “Cop Car”, “Ticket”, “Pretty Day”, “Angles and Arches”, “Oh No”, “Give Me The Ball”, “Mr. Miller”

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Cop Car EP

Tracks: “Cop Car”, “Oh No”, “Emperor’s New Clothes”, “Cop Car (demo)”

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Use These Spoons

Tracks: “Dooley”, “Parade”, “Seem So Small”, “Let It Rain”, “Everything Is Brighter”, “Brave”, “Secreterror”, “Walnut St. Bridge”, “Radio”, “Reprise”

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