“Parade” in new Honda Commercial

We are super excited to announce that our song “Parade” has been chosen for a national Honda commercial that is running NOW! If you haven’t seen it on your TV yet then watch it below.

Purchase “Parade” at iTunes or Bandcamp

Super, this is great,
thank you all so much for the parade is never ending
bring it all on I know you
Will not let it up,
twirlin and flippin all of the music’s playin louder,
it’s all out of tune



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7 responses to ““Parade” in new Honda Commercial

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  2. Krybb

    That was one if the strangest moments of my life. To hear you in a commercial out of the blue… Crazy…but cool.

  3. Congratulations!! Played a show with you guys and Parachute Musical at Locals Only in Indianapolis several years ago, and made sure to get you guys to autograph your CD – looks like a wise decision on my part.

    The next time you guys play NYC, I’d be honored to let you sleep on my floor.


  4. Just wanted to say CONGRATS on the new commercial!! A friend recommended I see yall at Bonnaroo a couple years ago. So, my dad and I made a point to see your set and ended up buying a cd and shirt. Great show! Anyways, I was just studying aka watching tv, and heard your song only to look up and see it playing for a honda commercial! WOW! Best wishes!!

  5. Congratulations! May more awesomeness come your way!!!

  6. Awesome shit! Never heard of you before this commercial, but I made sure to look it up as soon as I heard it. Love it.

  7. Gene

    I just bought ‘use these spoons’ because of the commercial. Love the song! Great cd, too.

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